links for 2009-04-27

Russian, Armenian Leaders Upbeat On Karabakh | Ազատություն ռադիոկայան Interesting article by an Azeri on recent Russian moves to support the Armenian side of the current conflict. Good example of the increase in tension after Obama's visit to Turkey. Words like "nuclear", "partners", and 'business community" are not to be used lightly. (tags: politics Obama … Continue reading


Old New York was once New Amsterdam

Henry Hudson set sail across the atlantic, planted a flag on an island and called it New Amsterdam. 400 years later, 20 New Yorkers were invited to now come to the Netherlands with their own outlandish ideas. I had the honor of being chosen as one of the participants of this project, called P!oneers after … Continue reading

links for 2009-04-17

Azerbaijan: Is Baku Ready to Cause Geopolitical Problems over Turkish-Armenian Thaw? | EurasiaNet Obama's visit to Turkey may have gone over well everywhere except in the Caucasus, where it needed to. (tags: politics Azerbaijan Armenia Nagorno-Karabakh war) Vote on Facebook Site Governance | Facebook In response to the Terms of Use controversy where FB changed … Continue reading

links for 2009-04-15

Ghost in the terror machine | Times Online The result of Bob Quick's mishandling of secret British documents – Operation Pathway yields 12 high profile Al-Qaeda arrests all over the UK. (tags: terror police UK) Thai blogger's conviction shocks Internet freedom activists | ABS-CBN News A misleading article that connects a lèse majesté-related offense to … Continue reading

AK-47 Curriculum in Karabakh

Being back in Yerevan or Barcamp Armenia, I’ve been thinking of the fate of a girl that I filmed several years ago in Karabakh. I decided to post the video on and see what people have to say about it: more about “AK-47 Curriculum // Current“, posted with vodpod

links for 2009-04-12

Foreign Phisher Sentenced to 50 Months in U.S. Prison | Wired Sort of like the Twitter revolution but different. Everyone is blaming the Romanians. (tags: usa romania phishing) 10 easy steps to writing the scariest cyberwarfare article ever | FOREIGN POLICY Top 10 #2 – Funny post by Evgeny Morozov on his new blog at … Continue reading

links for 2009-04-08

Protests in Moldova Explode, With Help of Twitter | NYTimes TXT is a rising tool, not that most people actually consider it that. (tags: socialnetworking protest socialmedia Moldova)