links for 2009-05-29

CIRC09 – The Global Network Initiative | …My heart's in Accra Is there a set of best practices for corporations to follow in engaging with governments on online freedom of expression issues? Here's an overview of some people who are working on that from the China Internet Research Conference 09. (tags: china internet freedom government … Continue reading


links for 2009-05-19

Mapping Foreclosures in the New York Region [Interactive Graphic] | NYTimes Interactive maps are great. I just wish I could overlay ethnic concentration with this map. I think it would line up nicely. (tags: newyorkcity Economy) Heidi Stephens: Eurovision 2009 Liveblog | Guardian Hilarious. Oh, and Norway won. And twitter was alive with nationalistic pride … Continue reading

links for 2009-05-15

US journalists to face trial in North Korea next month | Guardian 2 journalists are now going to trial in North Korea. Current's response? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Go to their front page. I am disgusted by this company, which has proven that it will build itself by underpaying and undercutting young journalists. Since the … Continue reading

The Future / Interactive Telecommunications Program Spring Show 2009

Entering the 4th floor at Tisch means confronting unbridled creativity. The spring show at ITP is wall-to-wall projects for bizarre futures. A lot of them are fruits from strange imaginations, others are really fantastic insights into the way the world could potentially work. That doesn’t mean they’ll actually float. Before these things really get out … Continue reading

links for 2009-05-13

SF Giants bring new tech out to the ballpark | CNET News Giants using VOIP instead of AT&T at "AT&T Park", saving them $355k a year. Go Giants! (tags: phone finance sports voip) Ozomatli in Myanmar: Punk's Not Dead | LA Weekly Black Flag in downtown Rangoon? Swoon! (tags: burma Myanmar punk graffiti) Facebook Remains … Continue reading

links for 2009-05-12

Hackers Temporarily Seize Control Of Google Morocco Domain Name | TechCrunch Will this become an increasing trend that leads to higher costs for companies to maintain programs overseas? How will companies react as this starts happening more? (tags: technology hack morocco) In China, $700 puts a spammer in business Starting a business in China is … Continue reading

Technology for Human Rights

It’s often the case that in places where human rights violations are pervasive that technology access is limited. In certain circumstances this means being limited to a mobile phone. In others, even access to those can be a luxury. Are there other options? I recently had the opportunity to explore the current state of technology … Continue reading

links for 2009-05-08

Torpig Botnet Hijacked and Dissected | Slashdot Take a botnet, hack it apart, look at how it works. (tags: Security) Mission Impossible: The Code Even the CIA Can't Crack | Wired The CIA's biggest secret is revealed. (tags: Art usa cryptography) 'Lonely hamburger' to tempt Estonians in e-voting test | AFP Learning to vote via … Continue reading

Circumvening censorship in Istanbul (once Constantinople)

Is Turkey on the verge of becoming a part of Europe? It’s a question worth considering and certainly one that was tangentially related to my conversations in Amsterdam. I was hired by a client to do a training there on technology for bloggers, artists, and activists working under difficult circumstances in a variety of countries. … Continue reading

links for 2009-05-03

Psiphon has the power to knock down the Great Firewall of China, one cell phone at a time | InfoWar Monitor Don't believe the hype. Seriously, the bigger the hype, the bigger the chance that it will put people in harms way. (tags: china circumvention firewall) Google Rents Goats To Replace Lawnmowers (I’m Not Kidding … Continue reading