Summer Music in Clouds

What music have I been listening to the most for the past 3 months? What should I be listening to? I found a cool project today while looking into the extended functionality of to answer just that. The answer: The script takes the 50 top artists in my Last.FM musical profile and creates a … Continue reading


Open My City with Humanity in Action

It was my pleasure to be invited speak with Humanity In Action‘s  2009 Summer Fellows. The organization does great work engaging student leaders in the study and work of human rights. I was there to talk to them about the Open My City project and get them excited enough about the idea to volunteer in … Continue reading

links for 2009-07-24

A.P. Cracks Down on Unpaid Use of Articles on Web | New York Times AP to readers: stop reading us. I'm not sure if that's a great business model for the 21st century. (tags: news copyright internet) Senate to Hillary: Support Cyber Dissident | Wall Street Journal Bi-partisanship against repression. I'm curious to see how … Continue reading

links for 2009-07-22

Iranian consumers boycott Nokia for 'collaboration' | The Guardian What do people do with technology after a crackdown? (tags: iran politics mobile internet protest surveillance freedom boycott) Surveillance Self-Defense International | Electronic Frontier Foundation 6 Ideas for Technology to Protect Free Speech in Authoritarian Regimes & 4 Ways You Can Help (tags: privacy Security surveillance … Continue reading

Participation Camp

Tish Shute has a fantastic overview of Participation Camp. It was fantastic to be a part of it and brainstorm about the Open My City project and ideas with such a smart group of people at the cutting edge of government 2.0. Read all about it on her blog.

Open Video Conference – Day 2

Day 2 started yet again without any coffee, but with a hilarious presentation by Jonathan Zittrain of the Berkman Center pretending to be Clay Shirky of ITP. Clay was delayed on a flight, so Jonathan took over with a talk titled “Here Comes Everybody.” He did a great job of pumping energy into the conference … Continue reading

links for 2009-07-10

Iran Releases Prisoners, but Still Holds 500 | NYTimes New actions, new tactics – A flier circulating in Tehran, for example, asked people to turn on all their electrical appliances at the same time to crash the electric grid as a sign of defiance. (tags: iran protest activism democracy election) $18M Being Spent to Redesign … Continue reading

links for 2009-07-06

Hopes & Fears Revealed | Iran's Post-Election Uprising Persepolis 2.0 – great web comic. Must read! (tags: iran politics culture Art activism web2.0 election comics) Insane Sarah Palin, Late At Night On July 4, Threatens To Sue Entire Internet, Via Twitter | Wonkette This story just continues to get weirder and Alaska more chaotic. And … Continue reading

Rabbis, Vampires and Russians

Wayne Moses Burke (@wmburke) of the Open Forum Foundation noticed that when I followed him on Twitter, there was a strange series of ads that Google had associated with me. I wonder how prevalent this is and if other people are getting something similar. It begs the question whether Google thinks I am a vampire … Continue reading