Vote for my SXSW Twitter Revolution Panel

South by Southwest has grown into a music, film, and interactive mega-conference and awesome-tival. I’m hoping to not only get there this year, but also to present. Check out my panel description, and if you like it, give it a thumbs up. Of course I’ll also be filming the experience for Digital Democracy TV so … Continue reading


links for 2009-08-16

Thailand snubs US plea to extradite Bout | The Guardian Not extraditing the so-called "Merchant of Death" will have political repercussions for Thailand that are impossible to fully comprehend. Which begs the question, why did they make this decision? (tags: thailand international politics crime) China drops Green Dam web filtering system | The Guardian China … Continue reading

links for 2009-08-08

Top 10 Gen Y Blogs: August 2009 | Ryan Stephens Marketing Kids these days… they're reading what?! (tags: youth blog) Participation Camp 2009: Change the Rules | Streetfilms Video from Participation camp, covering Open My City (in part) and featuring @corbett3000 @emjacobi @mbelinsky @mattcoop @sdohrn @MarkElliott @noneck @silona @craignewmark @catherine_white @danlatorre (tags: government pcamp09 opengovnyc … Continue reading

Tech in the Classroom

I’ve been having a lot of fun lately exploring how technology is being brought into the classroom and how Digital Democracy can build on the tradition. The initial Project Einstein in the refugee camps in Bangladesh was an incredible experience that I haven’t written much about here. Empowering marginalized youth with any sort of positive … Continue reading

links for 2009-08-02

Government releases 20-page guide to using Twitter | The Guardian Fascinating breakdown of how a bureaucracy tries to fit itself within 140 characters. Some aspects are right on, others are only fascinating. At least they're looking at what government "digital engagement" might look like. (tags: UK government twitter socialmedia media web2.0 politics social privacy gov2.0)