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South by Southwest has grown into a music, film, and interactive mega-conference and awesome-tival. I’m hoping to not only get there this year, but also to present. Check out my panel description, and if you like it, give it a thumbs up. Of course I’ll also be filming the experience for Digital Democracy TV so it’ll be like you’re right there with me. Or better yet… road trip to Texas anyone? Here’s the description:

Twitter Revolution – Social Tools & Social Upheaval in Moldova

How is technology changing the course of revolutions in the 21st century? In this panel grassroots organizers will evaluate the so-called Twitter Revolution in Moldova, focusing on what technology did and did not mean for people risking their lives on the ground. What are people doing now to prepare for the next battle or has the energy fizzled out?

I’ll be covering these topics:

What do we mean by revolution in the 21st century?
In examining this case study, what are the positives and negatives of tools used?
Pros/cons of violence/non-violence on people/property
Do different goals require different tools?
How can we evaluate success? What are the system metrics? (Particularly given July 29, 2009 elections)
What is the balance of secrecy vs transparency In tactics?
In successful revolutions, how much did success depend on organizational development versus message construction? (management versus pr)
What would a do’s / don’t list look like according to circumstance?
Can non-democratic methods lead to democratic change?
Closed social media tools versus open source tactics.

I also recommend checking out these other panels that look like they may be pretty amazing:

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