links for 2009-10-29

Harnessing the Power of Mobile 'Beeping' | In An African Minute Calling collect doesn't exist on mobile phones but this idea opens options for users in need with no available funds. (tags: mobile strategy technology) Getting past the 'Barbed Wireless' | YouTube An animation looking at how new technologies are affecting human rights & freedom … Continue reading


links for 2009-10-22

Sequoia Voting Systems Source Code Released | Slashdot "Whoops" moment leads to government transparency. Sequoia Voting Systems seems to have inadvertently released the SQL code for its voting databases. This is a surprise first look at how the election system works, which is surprising in and of itself. (tags: government transparency voting programming software Security … Continue reading

links for 2009-10-21

WordPress Hardening | SANS Internet Storm Center As one of the foremost journalism resources around the world, it's fantastic to see that WordPress is thoughtful about security (tags: Security blog journalism) Judge Keeps Gag Order In Place On ISP Boss Over Feds Demand For Info On Customer | TechDirt So much for the legal system. … Continue reading

links for 2009-10-05

PayPal's Electronic Profiling | appfrica Paypal flags transactions from certain countries as "suspect" automatically. Rather than profiling by individual behavior, they are do that other kind of profiling…. I wonder who else is as well. (tags: privacy Economy racism fraud) Don’t, Don’t, Don’t vs. Do, Do, Do | Will Richardson A simple idea for education: … Continue reading

Launching Digital Democracy TV

I’ve been doing research in Southeast Asia, which has kept me pretty busy and almost entirely off the internet. At the same time, I managed to launch an online television show through Excitingly, it’s even been picked up by Witness on The Hub. Check it out and let me know your thoughts. They should … Continue reading