links for 2009-12-19

The net advantage | Prospect Magazine Shirky – Net advantage, in some cases, is a far cry from the “just-add-internet” hypothesis (and cute-cat theory), but it is a view that is considerably more optimistic about the balance of power between citizens and the state than Morozov’s. (tags: internet politics activism democracy digital iran socialmedia cyberwar) … Continue reading


Armenia’s New Media Landscape

Last week I was in Armenia looking at the current media landscape. It was a pleasure to be back again after I was there for Barcamp Yerevan back in April. It was fun to be back and exploring the media sector in more detail, applying what I learned from the civil society tech brainstorm sessions … Continue reading

links for 2009-12-17

The Trial of Terry Childs Begins | Slashdot Another case of government versus tech (tags: technology government privacy) A Copenhagen activist speaks: 'I was afraid I would go back to the cages' | Guardian Police are still abusing non-violent protesters. This is a very intimate portrayal of what they go through. (tags: cop15 environment protest … Continue reading

links for 2009-12-02

Who lives here? | Envisioning Development Interactive map of income disparities & locations in NYC. Question is, what is affordable housing (via @alancordova) (tags: nyc visualization housing infographics maps city information income) 15 Travel Tips for Africa | WhiteAfrican One of my favorite resources to pass along to the frugal travelers. (tags: africa travel howto … Continue reading