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Parrot AR.Drone Quadricopter Controlled by iPhone/iPod touch/iPad | (tags: drone augmentedreality toy iphone remote helicopter camera) Sakawa: Ghana’s new rave in crime | Funke Adetutu (tags: ghana Sakawa voodoo magic scam computers) From Sakawa to Safawa | ModernGhana (tags: ghana sakawa magic voodoo computers togo benin crime scam) Designing for Democracy | The White … Continue reading


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Android In Spaaaace! | Official Google Mobile Blog (tags: android google space video) Top 10 Reasons You Know You're Working at an Aid Organization Headquarters | (tags: international humor nonprofit) Spain Rejects Proposed Legislation to Shutdown P2P Sites | TorrentFreak (tags: spain p2p torrent media law legislation) Wikileaks Exposes Internet's Dissent Tax, not Nerd … Continue reading

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Internet Censorship | GOOD (tags: censorship video internet china good filtering howto training yemen myanmar cuba Afghanistan) IDEO’s RFID Turntable [Video] | PSFK (tags: music innovation culture inspiration tech rfid beautiful)

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Open Letter to Mr. Michael Moore | Juridikbloggen (tags: wikileaks rape assange sweden law) Net-neutrality battle peaks | San Jose Mercury News (tags: netneutrality internet law fcc) Foursquare Hack Unlocks Building’s Front Door | PSFK (tags: foursquare hack api technology socialmedia geolocation security) How to Outsmart Tracking Cookies on the Web | WSJ (tags: privacy … Continue reading

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Gephi forums #madewithgephi (tags: visualization networks socialnetworkanalysis) Moscow Venues Graph Analysis | ThisIsLike (tags: russia moscow socialnetworkanalysis graph) BrixtonPinMap | OpenStreetMap (tags: openstreetmap mapping training) Bell Bajao! Bank Clerk Rings the Bell | Breakthrough (tags: india domesticviolence violence campaign video film transmedia activism) @DigiDem helps NYC students map their community and future! | (tags: … Continue reading

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Parsing the impact of Anonymous | Net Effect (tags: wikileaks security ddos internet privacy software cyberwar government 4chan cablegate) Blocking WikiLeaks: Can Free Speech Be Protected on a Private Internet?| Der Spiegel (tags: wikileaks censorship internet law constitution freedom internetfreedom) Pro-Wikileaks hacker group’s DDoS tool downloads top 40,000 | Computer Weekly (tags: wikileaks cablegate ddos 4chan) … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Dropbox Toolkit & Guide (tags: apps backup cloud guide tools toolkit sharing storage) What The Fuck Should I Make For Dinner? (tags: comedy cooking food fun) So, Why is WikiLeaks a Good Thing Again? (tags: activism cablegate freedom news information infographics tools wikileaks journalism) Hackathon: 2 Days, 1,000 Developers, Lots Of Caffeine | … Continue reading

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WikiLeaks and the Arab public sphere | Foreign Policy (tags: wikileaks middleeast media arab cablegate diplomacy politics) Australian government takes Wikileaks off banned website list | TechRadar UK (tags: wikileaks australia censorship internet web government) Wikileaks on Armenia and The Caucasus | The Armenian Observer (tags: armenia Nagorno-Karabakh azerbaijan wikileaks cablegate Caucasus) A Public Service … Continue reading

Wikinomics of Leaks

The return on investment from open government data is starting to be shown by projects such as apps for democracy. What about the current WikiLeaks cablegate release of American diplomatic cables? With the Apps for Democracy contest, there were 47 web, iPhone and Facebook apps built on government data, with an economic return of 400%. The … Continue reading