Speaking At The White House

Its an honor to be invited to speak at the White House . Its especially exciting to see an administration that understands the power of youth and works to pull in our voices. The White House was pulling together 20 “awesome” youth leaders to discuss the future of international foreign aid. The conversation was between … Continue reading


Social Media to Prevent Hate Media

Originally published on Huffington Post George Orwell wrote “History is written by the winners” and while this has been the case in many places, it has certainly not held true for Israel. After the war of independence established the state of Israel, it has continued to fight for legitimacy as a state. Media has been … Continue reading

links for 2009-02-07

SeamlessWeb Free Coffee Days Hey New Yorkers – Free Coffee (tags: free newyorkcity coffee february) See where your friends are with Google Latitude Google now gives ability to share your tracks with friends in real-time. Reminds me of Instedd's GeoChat without the open-source security. (tags: technology google social socialnetworking maps mobile location gps iphone latitude … Continue reading

links for 2009-02-06

I LEGO N.Y. – Abstract City Blog A great way to tell the story of the city. I'm curious what other cities would look like.. (tags: funny Art newyork lego) Dowd – Well, That Certainly Didn’t Take Long As scandal hits the White House, I'm fascinated to watch who in the media actually decides to … Continue reading

links for 2009-02-04

Final Guilty Plea Wraps Up Federal 'Warez' Crackdown Pirates win again – Warez distributors get a slap on the wrist. Did they realize that prosecuting kids in the US will just have more produced overseas? Or are companies refocusing on broader strategy. (tags: technology warez piracy international internet software) Obama Inc.: Web activism for profit … Continue reading

links for 2009-02-03

Remote Controllers a threat to National Security in Sri Lanka A root cause analysis by the Sri Lankan government points to remote controllers as the source of destabilization. At least people are still satirizing as the conflict rages on. (tags: technology media politics satire and advocacy education refugees rights reform religion Constitutional Disabilities Disaster Management … Continue reading

Hello, World!

public class HelloWorld { public static void main(String[] args) { System.out.println(“Hello, World!”); } }