Getting Rid of My iPhone

When angry birds has access to my entire contact list, it’s time to reconsider how great my iPhone is. Why does this extremely popular game have unprecedented access to my personal information? Well, I don’t know. I never explicitly said it was ok, but in the current technology reality we live in, I didn’t explicitly … Continue reading


Computers, Freedom & Privacy: Day 2 (Part 2)

“The Internet perceives censorship as damage and routes around it”- John Gilmore. The second half of the day started with a more intimate discussion hosted by Wendy M. Grossman titled Censorship: Can the Internet Still Route Around the Damage? The room was packed to hear an exciting panel of experts ranging from lawyers, researchers and … Continue reading

Computers, Freedom & Privacy: Day 2 (Part 1)

Creating the Future: Thinking about the past, glancing into the future Day 2 of the conference is right-side up again, starting with a keynote, going into some workshops and ending with emerging research. The day basically started with the astounding news that China blocked access to Twitter, Hotmail, Windows Live, Bing, Flickr, YouTube, The Huffington … Continue reading

Computers, Freedom & Privacy: Day 1

Creating the Future: An upside down conference CFP09 kicked off today at George Washington University’s Marvin Center on a sunny Monday in Washington, DC in a day of workshops and tutorials. Rooms are filled with people who are passionate about the issues and proud to have been ahead of the curve on the subject. The … Continue reading

The Future / Interactive Telecommunications Program Spring Show 2009

Entering the 4th floor at Tisch means confronting unbridled creativity. The spring show at ITP is wall-to-wall projects for bizarre futures. A lot of them are fruits from strange imaginations, others are really fantastic insights into the way the world could potentially work. That doesn’t mean they’ll actually float. Before these things really get out … Continue reading